Units that oversee by the General Secretary:

1- Executive office of the ministry.
2- Legal administration.
3- Internal audit units.
4- A unit of general relation and information.
5- A unit of computing and information systems.
6- A unit of administrative development & quality.
7- Training unit.

General administrations that follow the General Secretary:

1- General administration of policies ,planning and researches that includes the following:
A- Policies administration ,divides into:
Policies department.
Characteristics and standards department.
B- Planning administration ,divides into:
• Studies and researches department.
• Planning department.
• Electronic government department.

2- General administration for coordination and following that involves :

A- Administration of certification and licenses ,divides into:
• Licenses department.
• Certification department.
B- Administration of Following Digital transformation, divides into:
• Following department.
• Digital transformation department.
C- Administration of measurement and calendar ,divides into:
• Measurement department.
• Calendar department.

3- Administration of international and general relationships ,involves:

A- Administration of several and bilateral relations ,divides into:
• Cooperation department with African and Arabian countries.
• Cooperation department with western and Asian countries.

B- Administration of relationships with organizations &foundations ,divides into:
• International foundations and organizations department.
• Regional foundations and organizations department.

4- General administration of humanity and financial resources ,involves:
A- Administration of humanity resources ,divides into:
• Staff affairs department.
• Services department.
• Social services department.
B- Administration of financial resources ,divides into:
• Accounting department.
• Budget department.
• Stores and purchases department.